Also much sweet: Male dies from taking in luggage of black licorice

Health professionals say a Massachusetts design worker’s really like of black licorice wound up costing him his life

A Massachusetts construction worker’s adore of black licorice wound up costing him his life. Having a bag and a half just about every working day for a few weeks threw his vitamins out of whack and triggered the 54-year-old man’s coronary heart to stop, physicians noted Wednesday.

“Even a smaller volume of licorice you eat can maximize your blood pressure a very little bit,” said Dr. Neel Butala, a cardiologist at Massachusetts Normal Medical center who explained the circumstance in the New England Journal of Medication.

Taking in as small as 2 ounces of black licorice a day for two months could result in a heart rhythm trouble, particularly for folks above 40, the U.S. Meals and Drug Administration warns.

“It’s much more than licorice sticks. It could be jelly beans, licorice teas, a whole lot of things more than the counter. Even some beers, like Belgian beers, have this compound in it,” as do some chewing tobaccos, explained Dr. Robert Eckel, a College of Colorado cardiologist and previous American Heart Association president. He experienced no purpose in the Massachusetts man’s treatment.

The demise was clearly an serious scenario. The gentleman experienced switched from red, fruit-flavored twists to the black licorice model of the sweet a several months in advance of his loss of life very last year. He collapsed while possessing lunch at a quickly-foodstuff restaurant. Medical doctors found he experienced dangerously minimal potassium, which led to coronary heart rhythm and other issues. Emergency responders did CPR and he revived but died the next working day.

Jeff Beckman, a spokesman for the Hershey Firm, which helps make the well-liked Twizzlers licorice twists, stated in an email that “all of our items are secure to eat and formulated in whole compliance with Fda regulations,” and that all foodstuff, such as sweet, “should be loved in moderation.”


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